Good News: 100 Cherry Trees for Gladstone Park

Sakura | Friends of Gladstone Park

Gladstone Park has been chosen by Brent Council to receive 100 of the 6,500 Sakura cherry trees donated by the Japan-British Society though the
the Sakura Cherry Tree Project to celebrate the friendship between Japan and Britain.  The first trees planted were in Regent’s Park in late November 2019 at a ceremony much heralded by local BBC news.

The park’s trees will arrive in autumn 2020 and will be planted along the path from the children’s playground down towards the railway line.  Planting is to be a community effort and it is hoped that people will turn up to help.

Sakura | Friends of Gladstone Park

In Japan the cherry tree blossom is called Sakura.  Apparently businesses vary their trading hours to give staff the time to enjoy and picnic under the blossoms.  Spiritually it is a symbol of the shortness and beauty of life, a sentiment tied to the Buddhist roots of Japan.

The trees are being planted all over the UK from Guernsey to Orkney.  Our trees are being grown in the UK and will be 2-3  years old when they arrive.