Gladstone Wildlife

Hornet Mimic Hoverfly on Eryngium | Wildlife Gladstone Park

Wildlife in Gladstone Park

We seek to discover the wildlife in Gladstone Park. We are passionate about the tree species, shrubs, butterflies, birds and bats that thrive in the park. Please let us know if you see anything.

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Long Grass | Friends of Gladstone Park

We organise regular Nature Walks, Tree Walks and Bat Walks. Check the calendar to know when the next one is planned.

Tree Walk | Wildlife Gladstone ParkEven nature sometimes needs a bit of help. We obliged and did so with pleasure and great pride. We organise children-friendly events such as Insect Hotel Making Day and Bird Box Making Day.

Nest Box | Friends of Gladstone Park

Insects are a great asset to any gardens or parks. By providing a suitable habitat, beneficial insects are more likely to establish themselves. We help them, they help us. What a team!

Our park is also just as beautiful at night!

Galdstone park at night | Friends of Gladstone Park

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