Bangabandhu Centenary Peace Grove 100 trees bringing Spring & Autumn Colour

Amelanchier RHS | Friends of Gladstone Park

 The Bangladesh High Commission, supported by members of the local community have provided 100 new trees being planted in the south west corner of the park.  They are to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu “The Friend of Bengal”, the founding President of Bangladesh, as well as 50 years of the independence of Bangladesh. 


The trees have been chosen to elongate the seasons providing spring interest with magnolia, cherry, crabapple and amelanchier blossom, golden summer flowers from the tulip and golden rain trees, brilliantly coloured autumn leaves from liquidambars, parrotias and nyssas along with winter bark interest from the birches and cherries.

And the British natives, bird cherry and wild service trees add even more blossom and fruit.  The bees and birds will not go hungry.
Walkers in the park will no doubt be enjoying the blossom already blooming with much more to come.


Thank you Councillor Parvez Ahmed for being the inspiration behind this colourful and exciting project.