Wildlife in Gladstone Park


Saturday, 13th and Sunday 14th January 2018 from 10am to 12noon

We will be planting bare root twigs of 7 different non invasive native species (see picture of one of them below)  with advice from Veolia staff. Please bring along a spade if you have one, if not you can borrow one, and wear gloves and strong shoes / boots.
Further information from:  gladstonewildlife@gmail.com

spindle in bloom

Gladstone Gardening Group – GGG

Volunteers meet every Wednesday morning outside the Walled Garden at 9:30, for two hours of gardening assistance to Veolia park staff. You are most welcome to turn up and join in, no particular skills or knowledge are required. Or email Helen at gladstonewildlife@gmail.com, who will send you health and safety information about working in a public space.


For information about the  Pledge a Plant scheme click here. 

BIRD WALKsongthrush_sS
There have been 3 walks in the park this year, to identify birds both visually and by their singing/calls. They were well attended, especially the 5.30am walk, when we set out under the light of a full moon and returned homewards basking in glorious sunrise.

At least 23 species of bird were heard or spotted, including a mistle thrush on her nest, a frisky dunnock, a singing siskin,Britain’s smallest bird and a great spotted woodpecker.

These will be on Saturday 17 June at 8.45pm and Saturday 9 September at 6.45pm. Meet at the park entrance at the junction of Park Avenue North and Kendal/Anson Road. There will be some bat detectors to be shared by the walkers.

The walks are run by Wendy Knight of Perivale Woods. Wendy is a bat expert and also “mothers” baby bats who have lost their mothers, feeding them and then training them to fly. She has a computer programme that identifies the specific type of bat detected flying.

The first on Saturday 15 July with Dr Alan Harrington, a moss as well as a tree expert. Apparently we have a rare moss in the park. Meet at the old house footprint by the walled garden.

The second on Thursday 17 August at 6.30pm with Lawrence Usherwood, Principal Tree Officer for Brent. Meet at the green railway bridge where Kendal Road meets Lancaster Road.

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