The Constitution of Friends of Gladstone Park


The organisation shall be Friends of Gladstone Park, to be known as FOGP.


The objectives of FOGP shall be to protect, promote and improve Gladstone Park1 in the London Borough of Brent.


The membership of FOGP shall be open to anyone who uses the park and shares the objectives of FOGP.

To become a member, a person must supply their name, postal address and, where available, email address.

To remain a member, these contact details must be up to date. Voting rights at public meetings and General Meetings are restricted to those members who have signed in at two or more meetings (public or general) of FOGP within the previous two years.


There shall be a Committee comprising up to 15 members, including the following officers: Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Committee members and officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of one year.

Committee members must live within the wards local to Gladstone Park, or be a member of an organisation with a base in Gladstone Park, or be a councillor for one of the four wards. Councillors may not serve as officers.

The Committee may co-opt up to five further members who shall serve until the next AGM. Elected and co-opted members shall have voting rights at Committee meetings.


To further the objectives of FOGP, the Committee will support and promote special interest groups. It shall co-opt leads as members of the Committee where appropriate.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the FOGP shall be held between September and November each year. The AGM shall include:

  • report(s) on the work carried out since the last AGM by FOGP, the Committee and special interest groups

  • a financial statement for the preceding financial year prepared by the Treasurer

  • the election of officers and members of the Committee

  • voting on any motion proposed and seconded by members with voting rights and notified to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.

Candidates for officers and members of the Committee must be proposed and seconded by members of FOGP with voting rights. If more than one nomination is received for any office, or more than 15 nominations are received for officers, a ballot of members with voting rights present at the AGM shall be held.

Where no candidates for an office are nominated at the AGM, the Committee may subsequently fill the post from its membership or through co-option, without recourse to a General Meeting. If a casual vacancy arises during the year the Committee may fill the vacancy from within its membership, or by co-option, or decide to hold an election at a Special General Meeting. Any co-opted member or officer shall hold the post until the next AGM.

Two weeks notice of all General Meetings must be given by the Secretary, who shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that notice reaches all members. Special General Meetings of FOGP shall be called as required.

The FOGP shall also hold public meetings to further its objectives.

The quorum of a General Meeting of FOGP shall be six. To vote, members must attend in person.


The Management of FOGP shall be vested in the Committee.

The Committee shall meet not less than quarterly. It shall conduct the general business of FOGP and shall have power to undertake any proposal it deems fit, consistent with the objectives of FOGP.

The quorum of a meeting of the Committee shall be four. No formal business shall be conducted, or co-option made, unless a quorum is present.


The Committee shall have the responsibility of applying for funding from any sources considered suitable, including public and private bodies. The income and property of FOGP shall be applied solely towards carrying out the objectives of FOGP as set out in this constitution.

The Treasurer shall manage the finances of FOGP and present a financial statement at the Annual General Meeting. The financial year shall run from April 1 to March 31.

There shall be two signatories to any payments made. Officers of the Committee shall act as signatories.


FOGP is committed to equal opportunities for all. Members are welcomed purely on their interest in Gladstone Park and no restriction on membership shall be made on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, gender, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or religion.


FOGP shall be impartial in relation to political and commercial matters.


This constitution may not be altered without a resolution properly proposed, seconded and approved by a simple majority vote at a General Meeting of FOGP. A resolution to alter the constitution must be received by the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the meeting at which the resolution is brought forward. 14 days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Secretary to the members of FOGP with voting rights and must include notice of the alterations proposed.


In the event of FOGP being dissolved, any property or monies that remain, after its debts and liabilities have been settled, shall be transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having objectives similar to those of the FOGP.



1including the area designated as William Gladstone Open Space