Pledge a Plant for Gladstone Park

Gladstone Gardening Group has planned some new plants for the Walled Garden – now we need your help to buy the plants and get them planted this autumn.

Click here to see the plant-pledge-poster-a4-pdf

Click here to see the Plant Pledge Certificate

You want to make a donation – GREAT!  it doesn’t need be the whole price for a plant – any amount will be very welcome, even 50p!

Here are ways you can pay:

by cheque

  –  make it payable to Friends of Gladstone Park and post it to

FoGP Treasurer, 172a Walm Lane, London, NW2 3AX

by bank transfer

– log in to your internet banking and make your payment to

Friends of Gladstone Park, 30-94-81, 25079268

by Paypal

– log into your Paypal account and make your payment to

in cash

– in person to Paul at 8 Mulgrave Road. If not at home, please post through the letterbox in an envelope with your name and address

Thank you !

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