“…and all within a biscuit’s throw of the metropolis of the world”

The Annual General Meeting and an open forum on Litter was held recently – see  minutes of FoGP meetings

Why not get awaherony from the traffic and the stresses of life and take a relaxing stroll in the park?

Click here if you are interested in Wildlife in Gladstone Park, for details of tree, bird and bat walks or to join the Gladstone Gardening Group.

There are many sporting and exercise opportunities in the park

What’s happening? – see FoGP Diary 2017

View minutes of latest Committee meeting (committee members only)

Back in the summer, people really enjoyed the Great Get Together see pictures

To stay in touch with what’s going on, have a look at FOGP on Facebook, or, for loads of photos of the park, see Gladstone Park Community NW2 on Facebook

To send a message to FoGP,  please e-mail  fogp99@gmail.com

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● Click here for local history of the areas surrounding the park